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D. Samuels & Associates Nominated for Prestigious 2018 Pinnacle Award

By dsamllc, Sep 20 2018 03:00PM

Press Release

By Darian Ward

For more than 25 years Darryl Samuels has positively impacted the construction industry as the

executive director of the Houston chapter of the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC),

project manager for G&A Partners and now as head of the construction management firm D. Samuels & Associates which is nominated for the 2018 Pinnacle Award presented by the Greater Houston Black


“It’s an honor to be nominated,” said Darryl Samuels, “but the recognition is really for the work of my

amazing team. It’s a reflection of their accomplishments. As construction management and compliance

experts, we specialize in problem-solving and changing attitudes and we have an accomplished team of professionals.”

Since 2013, D. Samuels & Associates has assisted the Houston Independent School District as their

construction compliance management team and has overseen 40 projects including three stadiums and 18 bathroom renovations; they have conferred with eight general contractors and 800 subcontractors; reviewed 70,000 certified payrolls and interviewed 12,000 construction workers on-site.

“We have a thorough understanding of our client’s ultimate goals, objectives and requirements and

that’s why we have been so successful in our labor compliance, progress monitoring and analysis,” said Samuels.

In addition to construction management, D. Samuels & Associates spend quality time developing the

next generation of construction professionals through its Million Dollar Blueprint initiative. They also

hire Houston youth interns and initiate community outreach projects in schools through its Construction Combine project. The DSA team has spoken with more than 500 students regarding construction-related activities. In fact, they pride themselves on having a collaborative approach to working with young people and clients and see possibilities to partner with fellow Pinnacle Award nominees.

“We have opportunities to partner with one nominee who focuses on education and help them with

STEM activities,” said Samuels. “Another firm handles freight, we are looking for a consistent company

for our firm. Another nominee is a recycling company, we have lots of demolition projects. These are

win-win opportunities. So again, I say thank you to the Greater Houston Black Chamber for the

nomination and the introduction to these great businesses.”

The Pinnacle Awards gala is scheduled for Saturday, October 6 at the Marriott Marquis hotel in

downtown Houston. It’s hosted by the Greater Houston Black Chamber which is the city’s first AfricanAmerican civic organization and was founded in 1935. For more details on the Pinnacle Awards log on to

To find out more about D. Samuels & Associates, construction opportunities and the new podcast

hosted by Darryl Samuels, visit

Contact: Darryl Samuels

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