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HISD Construction Career Combine Face Off Continues

By dsamllc, Mar 15 2018 04:51PM

Booker T Washington High School became the second Houston Independent School District (HISD) school to compete in the Construction Career Combine on March 7, 2019. D. Samuels & Associates, LLC challenged nearly 200 BTW Golden Eagles construction and agriculture students in a variety of construction related tasks developed to expose, engage and incorporate HISD students into the construction industry and its processes.

“After completing the Combine, many students realize how the skills they are learning in class can be used in a professional field,” says DSA Job Developer Anthony Wallace.

The Combine event for HISD students has become a popular introduction to what will eventually be a Construction Career Combine Face Off competition between several HISD schools that offer construction related curriculum later this spring. The program differs from most after-school programs, because it provides the students with physical simulations allowing them to use the skills they have learned in school on construction-related tasks.

“I had a great time doing this with my peers" commented a Washington High School student. “I found the safety topic the most useful and the math and nail driving parts the most interesting,” added another student.

We would like to thank the construction and agriculture instructors at Booker T Washington High School, Mr. Jeremy Heckeba, as well as the students for their participation in the growth of the program. Next month, DSA will be visiting Furr High School.

For more information about the Construction Career Combine visit

D. Samuels & Associates, a local construction management firm, manages the Labor Compliance component for the Houston Independent School District 2012 Bond Program.

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